Resources For Korean-Americans Living In Chicago

Moving to a new city can be overwhelming for anyone, but just imagine what it’s like for someone from another country and an entirely different culture to make such a big leap. For Koreans and Korean-Americans relocating to the Chicago area, here are some important things to know as you make your way through the city and your new home!

Korean Organizations: Chicago is the nation’s third most populated city with nearly 10 million residents. There are multiple other nationalities and ethnicities in the area including Italian, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Greek, Polish, Indian/Pakistani, Chinese and Vietnamese, among others. For Koreans in the metropolitan Chicago area, the Korean American Coalition (KAC) has a Chicago chapter – KAC-Chicago (KACC) – which is a leading organization for people of Korean heritage who reside in the U.S.

Information About Crime: In any large city, crime can be more prevalent, and Chicago is no exception. Currently, the murder rate has increased from prior years, but it has also experienced significant decreases in the past 10 years, too. To help protect your family, visit the city’s police and fire department websites for information on public safety and how to stay safe in “the Windy City.” Some precautions to take at your residence include home security (visit for ideas on how to get started), implementing a fire safety plan and connecting with others in your neighborhood to find out about how to get involved in improving the community’s safety.

Schools and Libraries: Public and private schools and institutions are offered from elementary school to college, with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) overseeing the public sector and both secular and non-secular networks operating the private education institutions. Chicago’s Public Library system consists of 79 local public libraries including the central library in downtown Chicago and two regional branches.

Chi-Town & South Korea: Cultural Crossroads?

The United States of America has many different areas where cultures tend to collide. This is due to the way that the country was developed. People from all different parts of the world began coming to the United States around the same time, living together and forming a brand new country. This was a unique way for a nation state to form, and it has created a unique country. One place in which cultures tend to come in contact with one another quite often Read the rest of this entry…

How To Live Frugally In Chicago

Offering one of the best skylines in the world and countless opportunities, Chicago is one of the most popular cities in the United States. However, living in Chicago can be expensive, and many of its residents have trouble making ends meet. Fortunately, it is possible to save a significant amount of money while living in Chicago. Here are a few tips.

First, location is essential for finding great deals. The suburbs of Chicago are cheaper than downtown Chicago, Read the rest of this entry…

Which Chicago Neighborhood Is Best For You?

If you are planning on making the move to Chicago, you might be overwhelmed by all of the housing choices that are available in all of the many neighborhoods and streets in the city. Since you are probably planning on living in the home or apartment that you choose for quite some time, you want to make certain that the neighborhood that you choose is right for you and your family. Therefore, you should consider looking at a few things before you Read the rest of this entry…

5 Korean Churches In Chicago You Should Know About

Chicago has great options for people looking for Korean Churches. Here are 5 great churches to choose from; one is sure to provide just what you are looking for. Lakeview Church in Northbrook offers an extremely contemporary service and forward-thinking congregation. The pastor and the majority of the congregation are Korean, although other cultures and races are very welcome at this inclusive church. If you enjoy exuberant services, this could be the ideal church for you.
Korean Presbyterian Church of Chicago is located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood is a great option for those looking for a Read the rest of this entry…

Why Chicago Is A Great Place For Economic Opportunity

People who are looking for a great economic opportunity should definitely consider going to Chicago. Chicago has the third-highest gross metropolitan product in the United States. Gross metropolitan product is the measure of the amount of income that a city brings in from goods and services. Chicago is also a major financial center. It has the second-largest business district in the United States. The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Chicago Board Options Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade are some of the major corporations that bring in revenue for this city.

Additionally, Chicago is also one of the Read the rest of this entry…

The Best Chicago Resources For Migrants

The city of Chicago is attractive to migrants of every nationality because of the many opportunities that exist, as well as the established communities that migrants feel comfortable around. In Chicago, the communities of immigrants have begun to set up networks of aid, assistance and guidance for migrants moving into or through the area, so that they have some support when they need it. Because of these resources, Korean-American migrants in Chicago are able to make the day to day transition a lot easier.

Finding reputable and reliable citizens in the community that are able to help is Read the rest of this entry…

5 Ways To Navigate and Thrive In Chicago

If you are new to Chicago then you will need to develop a way to navigate the city so that you can thrive in the area. To do so, it is important to do the following five things to orient yourself to the city.

1) Understand Public Transportation: Chicago is a bustling and crowded city. Understanding the public transportation system is integral to finding your way around. The El, short for elevated train, is the main system of public transportation, though public buses and subways do exist as Read the rest of this entry…

10 Hurdles All Immigrants Face Daily

Imagine leaving your own country and moving to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language and you don’t know the culture. Every day there are hundreds if not thousands of immigrants facing this very issue. With conditions in their own country deteriorating they make a difficult choice to move.

From the moment immigrants arrive they begin to face hurdles. The most obvious hurdle is the language barrier. After facing the first hurdle they are Read the rest of this entry…